Apply - Precast Concrete Fabricator

Precast Concrete Fabricator

This position will use computerized blueprints to produce custom Precast Concrete products according to customer and product specifications, will work closely with the Precast Applications Engineer to ensure fabricated products meet customer needs, and will occasionally work on-site with precast workers to train and assist with technical details.

Key responsibilities for this position include:

  • Promoting safety and safety awareness by keeping the work area clean, wearing safety glasses, thermal gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required, and following posted safety and security procedures
  • Performing measuring and cutting operations on fabric stock per instructions and/or procedures; using cutting machines to cut product to correct length; safely pulling and positioning product onto cutting table
  • Using computerized blueprints or customer instructions to ensure fabrication process is correct for the product
  • Using overhead crane or forklift to position products on the cutting machine rack; selecting product for fabrication by matching tag with work order; rolling or festooning panels on cutting tables
  • Performing splicing and seaming operations on fabric panels and patterns using a variety of welding equipment; using Dielectric Welder and Hot Air Welder to weld material segments together
  • Conducting test welds to ensure welder settings are correct
  • Engaging in frequent customer contact to help ensure fabricated products are meeting customer needs

This position requires 8-10 years fabrication experience with a focus on technical design and fabrication of complex products.

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