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New Technology for Concrete Applications

quickline logo.pngIntroducing XR® QuikLiner™, Seaman Corporation’s Chemically Resistant Precast Concrete Tank Liner system. Utilizing XR-5 technology - known for its chemical and puncture resistance - XR® QuikLiner™ is fully adhered to concrete via integral fiber backing. Welded seams create a watertight lining, keeping moisture away from concrete.

This technology bonds polypropylene (PP) fibers directly to the high performance industrial fabrics. The resulting composite has the PP fibers on one surface, for embedment in concrete. The second surface contains a reinforced thermoplastic compound which provides waterproofing, corrosion resistance (including H₂S gas), high aesthetics, and graffiti resistance.

These characteristics increase the life expectancy of concrete products by providing a high-tech, physical barrier between the concrete and corrosive agents.

Learn more about the XR QuikLiner and product applications on the XR QuikLiner website,, or click the link below.

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Precast video at Norwalk Concrete Industries


Precast video featuring E.C. Babbert, Inc.


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Precast Sound Barriers

Waste Water Management

Provide concrete protection and containment of waste water in precast products such as septic tanks, manholes, distribution boxes, and grease interceptors. Utilizing our XR-5® technology and prefabrication of the liner to fit the precast mold, concrete is cast directly onto the liner resulting in a finished product with resistance to H₂S gas, grease, fat and other derivatives of waste water.

Potable Water Containment

XR-5 PW product is NSF-61 listed for the containment of potable water.

Utility Vaults and Structures

Provide a waterproofing surface for below grade and above ground utility structures. For above ground structures provide a printed membrane that yields waterproofness as well as high aesthetics and graffiti resistance.

Sound Barriers

For enhanced aesthetics that provide bright colors and printed patterns, while also providing corrosion protection from road salt, and graffiti resistance.


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