Celebrating 75 Years

A journey of innovation, quality, and service
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Laks Venkataraman, Richard Seaman, Irene Seaman, and Wooster-area Congressman Ralph Regula during the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Wooster plant on June 9, 1987.
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Domestic Film's first weaving mill was set up in an abandoned schoolhouse in Holmesville, Ohio.

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Invited guests toured the new Wooster plant at its grand opening on June 9, 1987.
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Four-year-old Jason Seaman helped his father, grandmother, Ohio Governor Richard Celeste and Wooster-area Congressman Ralph Regula turn over the first shovelful of earth.
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Cleveland mayor Carl B. Stokes cuts the ribbon on a chlorinated "swimming pool" that was created in polluted Lake Erie in the 1960s using a barrier constructed from Shelter-Lite fabrics.
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Norm and Irene Seaman, founders of Seaman Corporation (originally known as Modern Textile & Plastics Company), on their wedding day.

75 Years of Growth

Together, we build the next 75 years.
It's amazing that [Norm Seaman] started a product in his kitchen and his wife allowed him to do that. I feel like we're still baking today, we're just coming out with better recipes. Kim Byrd, 8 years
The growth has been tremendous and the opportunities for people. That's what I love. We have a lot of people who have come through the mill who have become supervisors and technicians...I've seen so many opportunities for people to grow within the organization. Larry Anderson, 46 years
I've worked in quite a few manufacturing places over the years and, honestly, this is by far the best place I have been, so that's one of the reasons I've chosen to stay. James Warren, 8 years

Where We've Been, Where We Are, Where We're Going

The investments our team has made to innovation, service, and quality, have secured a strong reputation for our organization that our customers and our communities depend on.
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Bala Venkataraman

Former head of research and development perfects the formulation for XR-5 geomembrane in 1975. The formulation makes XR technology fabrics virtually indestructible in challenging environmental applications.
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Single-Ply Roofing

Since its launch in 1982, Seaman Corporation's FiberTite single-ply roofing system has won widespread acceptance. Designed to replace asphalt and rubber roofing, the reformulated XR-5 compound surpasses industry standards for longevity and quality. 
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Ken Chaloupek

Under the guidance of former Vice President of Engineering and Comerio mechanic Fabrizio Sperati, teams of associates and outside contractors succeeded in assembling the calender by the May 2003 deadline for the first trial run of new Line 9.           
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Beaming Facility

The acquisition of an in-house beaming facility positions Seaman Corporation to be vertically integrated throughout their production process.
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A New Facility in Wooster

With the support of the City of Wooster, Seaman Corporation invests in a new 72-acre site, establishing expansion opportunities and improved working conditions for employees. 
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Jim Dye

Former Chief Financial Officer was influential in the construction of Bristol's new knitting and weaving mill and the expansion of the Operations Management Team in the 1990s.                   
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Wide-Width Calenders

Realizing the demand for wider-width products in the market, two 100-inch hot melt calender lines were purchased and installed between the Wooster and Bristol facilities.
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Lean Sigma

Adopting Lean Sigma in 2006 to streamline manufacturing processes resulted in a new mindset across the entire organization. Today, Seaman Corporation hosts Lean events targeting efficiencies across all functions of the business.

Solutions Built to Last

Our engineered products are made of the highest quality and performance industrial coated fabrics available across the globe, withstanding the elements and providing durable protection.
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Mammoth Cave National Park

The longest known cave system in the world, located in Brownsville, KY, has used XR-5® geomembrane to protect wildlife and natural resources for 40 years. In 1984, the National Park Service installed two wastewater stabilization ponds to treat domestic wastewater. Both of those ponds utilize Seaman Corporation's proprietary geomembrane formulation.
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Inn Maid Noodles

Installed in 1981, Inn Maid Noodles, located in Millersburg, OH, uses a 36-mil FiberTite® Roofing System. Having just been introduced into the market in 1979, Seaman Corporation's FiberTite product was considered a risk at the time. It clearly has paid off and proven to be an investment that,  to this day, provides Inn Maid Noodles with the protection they require.

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