The World Leader in Industrial Fabrics Performance

Seaman Corporation manufactures high-performance coated fabric for an abundance of product lines to ensure that you’re covered, no matter the application or scope of your project.
Shelter-Rite Industrial Fabrics provide solutions for military, truck tarps, dock seal, pool covers, recreational products, boat lift canopies and customized engineered applications.

Military FabricsFabric for Military Applications

Seaman Corporation is proud to offer American-based technology and products that meet the requirements of the Berry Amendment and Buy American Act. Our high-performance fabric can be found in military tents and shelters, collapsible tanks, covers and liners and other military structures.

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Fabric for Advanced Technology

A highly durable RF-shielded solution offering an advanced line of ruggedized coatings for industrial and commercial applications. 


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Truck TarpsFabric for Truck Tarps

The proprietary weave and unique coating formula found in our Shelter-Rite material produce unbeatable fabric characteristics of strength, durability, flexibility and longevity. Truck Tarps produced with our Shelter-Rite® coated fabric offer value in a product you can trust to protect your cargo and is available in a spectrum of standard and custom colors.

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Dock SealFabric for Dock Seals

Designed to withstand the rigors of daily usage, Shelter-Rite dock seal fabrics are proven to resist puncture, tears and abrasion. We offer a broad product line that can be designed to meet your specific needs.


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Pool CoverFabric for Pool Covers

Designed to offer superior strength for safer, more durable and long-lasting pool covers, our Shelter-Rite fabric stands up to the elements year-round. Available in a variety of standard and custom colors, maintaining colorfastness after long-term sun exposure.

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recFabric for Recreation

Industrial coated fabrics for recreation applications offer long-term performance and superior fade resistance.  Color match and custom colors available.

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Engineered FabricsEngineered Fabrics

Seaman Corporation can customize your product for your specific performance requirement.


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Boat Lift CanopiesFabric for Boat Lift Canopies

Specially formulated Shelter-Rite fabric provides superior protection to protect your assets. Boat lift canopies made with Shelter-Rite fabric withstand the rigorous marine conditions.


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