Our Vision

Seaman Corporation will be the Best "CUSTOMER-DRIVEN BUSINESS TEAM".

Seeking "Value Engineered" Fabric Opportunities in Global Markets by Expanding our Weaving, Compounding, Coating and Applied Fabric Engineering Skills to Meet or Exceed the Product and Service Requirements of our Customers.

Simply the Best Coated Industrial Fabric Products in the World

Mission Statement

Seaman Corporation is committed to advancing the state of the art in the design, manufacture and utilization of industrial fabrics, films and coatings by integrating its weaving, compounding, coating and applied fabric engineering technologies to satisfy the product and service
requirements of its customers.   

Seaman Corporation Innovative Customer Solutions through Fiber and Polymer Technology


  • A commitment to profitable growth objectives   
  • A competitive global presence   
  • A dedication to high ethical standards, integrity and honesty   
  • An obsession with product quality and customer service   
  • A commitment to total customer satisfaction   
  • Partnerships with customers and suppliers   
  • The pursuit of continuous quality improvement   
  • Continuous training and development for all employees   
  • Employee creativity, innovation, initiative and involvement   
  • Informality and openness in the workplace
  • Pride in our corporate history and accomplishments


With Our Customer and Suppliers

  • Integrity and honesty in all business relationships    
  • Long-term mutually beneficial business partnerships    
  • 100% total customer satisfaction    
  • A corporate closeness to the customer    
  • Innovative product and service development    
  • Products and service that meet or exceed customer expectations    
  • Continuous quality and value improvement in products and service

With Our Employees

  • A safe work environment   
  • Effective communications with all employees   
  • Continual opportunity for training and career growth   
  • Employee participation in decision-making activities   
  • Recognition and reward for team and individual contributions   

For Our Company

  • Profitable growth objectives   
  • Proactive in health, safety and environmental issues   
  • A positive and active presence in our communities