Since 1949, Seaman Corporation's unquenchable desire to try new things has been helping our customers grow their businesses. At Seaman, Innovation is at the core of everything we do.

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Our associates with expertise in textile engineering, chemistry and science are eager to help you develop your next product.

5 Step Innovation Process


Step 1:
Idea Generation

For new ideas, Seaman Corporation uses a vast network of resources. We use universities, customers, vendors and internal associates to help us think outside the box.


Step 2:
Market Research

As soon as possible we get out into the marketplace and meet with prospective customers. Understanding what customers want to do with our products is vitally important.


Step 3:
Product Development

Innovation requires a lot of trial and error. We collaborate with suppliers and constantly screen new raw materials, testing them in our laboratory. We engage our customers in the product development process since they have a valuable stake in the outcome.


Step 4:

Once we have developed a prototype of the new product, we get a sample to our customers. We want their feedback on how well our product satisfies their unmet need.


Step 5:
Product Launch

Our innovation team works closely with our marketing team to create educational tools for the sales team. We focus our effort on messaging how our new products solve for our customers' needs.

Do you have a new idea for our innovation team?

If you have an idea for our team, share it with us. We look forward to partnering with you to find ways to improve our existing products, use our technology platforms to enter new markets, or to create never-before-heard-of solutions.

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Our Teams

Seaman Corporation, a family owned business, offers a work environment that is collaborative and fun! 

New Products Recently Launched

Fibertite Hybrid Roofing Membrane

FiberTite Hybrid Roofing Membrane

For the most demanding roofing applications that require redundancy, FiberTite Hybrid Multi-Ply roofing systems combine the proven FiberTite membrane as the cap sheet with FiberTite SBS Modified Bitumen base sheets.

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Fabric for swimming pool cover

Pool Cover

Designed to offer customers a safer, more durable and longer lasting alternative to nonwoven fabrics, our fabric for swimming pool covers stand up to the elements year-round.

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Fabric with Anti-Microbial Protection

Developed specifically for use in portable fuel tanks for the military, this fabric technology is also useful for applications in hospitals, trauma care, disease control, wound care, temporary shelters/ tents for disaster relief, among other numerous commercial applications.

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Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete Protection System

By bonding a thermoplastic barrier and polypropylene fibers to poured concrete, Seaman Corporation is pleased to introduce this new technology which will increase the life expectancy of concrete products.

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Shelter-Rite Tent

Shelter-Rite Tent Fabric

Seaman Corporation manufactures an extensive line of high-performance industrial fabrics. The newly developed light-weight Shelter-Rite Tent material is equipped with state-of-the-art top coating finishes that provide exceptional strength and durability.

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