FiberTite Hybrid Multi-Ply Roof Proven FiberTite Fleeceback Cap Sheet With FiberTite SBS Modified Bitumen Base Sheets

Posted by Kim Seaman on February 19, 2014

Wooster, Ohio – As a component to its FiberTite Hybrid Multi-Ply system, Seaman Corporation introduces four proven SBS Modified Bitumen base sheets, to be used in conjunction with a single ply of a FiberTite Fleeceback as the cap sheet.

Since 1979, a single ply of FiberTite membrane has earned a track record of providing long-lasting protection in the harshest environments. Its unique, monolithic, four-layer construction has provided superior protection against chemical, grease, UV, ponding water and punctures compared to traditional standard Modified Bitumen and built-up roofing systems. This single-ply, which is applied as a cap sheet to the newly introduced FiberTite SBS base sheets, is the key to FiberTite Hybrid’s superior protection.

Upon its introduction, FiberTite set a new standard in membrane roofing with its unique four-layer technology, which includes a high density base fabric, an exclusive adhesive coat, and face and back coats engineered with the industry's only proven amount of DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE, which allows FiberTite to remain flexible throughout its life.

"As a stand-alone system, FiberTite is proven to withstand some of the most extreme environments for over 30 years," said Nick Kesslering, FiberTite Sales Director. "FiberTite's track record has convinced the world's leading technology developers to entrust this roofing system. This year, we are proud to say that FiberTite is currently protecting hardware and software assets in the billions of dollars." Learn more about FiberTite Hybrid multi-ply roof or request a sample now

FiberTite Hybrid FiberTite® Hybrid™ multi-ply roofing systems are the fusion of proven technologies – time-tested FiberTite fleeceback cap sheet and a FiberTite SBS Modified Bitumen base.

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