Local Businesses Join Forces to Supply Field Hospital Cots

Posted by Ammey Frank on April 20, 2020

IWS Cot CutoutWooster, OH [April 20, 2020] – Seaman Corporation, a world leader of innovative, high performance coated fabrics recently answered the call to partner with local businesses to supply Field Hospital Cots for medical use in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

The collaborative effort is championed by PioneerIWS, a family-owned steel fabricator located in Dalton, OH. They moved very quickly to contact several manufacturers in Northeast Ohio with goods or services outside of their expertise required to manufacture the cots. The initial point of contact was made with Miller Weldmaster, an expert in industrial fabrics welding systems located in Navarre, OH. The PIONEER team met with representatives from Seaman Corporation the end of March and an initial donation of fabric was made to support development. 

With the collaboration of several other local manufacturers, PIONEER delivered the first 1,000 Field Hospital Cots to Long Island, NY just two weeks after development began. The following week, another shipment of 1,000 cots was delivered to Columbus, OH.  With another 2,000 plus requests from six different states, PIONEER quickly retooled their manufacturing facility to mass produce the cots. They are now able to produce over 1000 per day. Currently, PIONEER has inquiries for thousands of field hospital cots from locations around the United States.

IWS Cot Shippment

The cot folds for easy shipping, has an adjustable head and shoulder area and comes with a 1” easy-clean, removable vinyl cushion. The simple, lightweight design is rated for 400 lb. capacity and high volumes can be produced in very short periods of time.

The collaboration of over a dozen Northeast Ohio companies is a true testament of how “We’re All in This Together”.  Seaman Corporation’s spirit of innovation is the core of everything we do. We are proud to support the efforts of local companies and be a partner to fulfill this need.  

For more information about this project and to learn more about all the contributing companies visit PIONEER online

(photos courtesy of PIONEER)


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