Seaman Corp. Completes $3 Million Investment At Bristol

Posted by Kim Seaman on November 17, 2011

WOOSTER, Ohio–At a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by state and local government officials, as well as top officers the company, Seaman Corporation marked the completion of a $3 million capital investment project at the company's manufacturing facility in Bristol, Tennessee.

A leading producer of high-performance, coated industrial fabrics, Seaman Corporation dedicated a new, dry-blend bulk handling system to increase the plant's compounding capability. As a result, 15 new jobs are being created and another 15 existing jobs have been retained.

"Since 2002, encouraged by the pro-business environment created by state and local governments in Tennessee, our company has invested over $20 million in capital improvements at the Bristol plant," noted Richard N. Seaman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Seaman Corporation. "As a result, and with the strong commitment of our Bristol associates, our company has been able to increase our productivity and our efficiency while further cementing our reputation for world-class quality."

With manufacturing facilities in both Bristol and in Wooster, Ohio, Seaman Corporation produces high-performance fabrics and membranes using advanced weaving and coating technologies. Among its well-known products are FiberTite® roofing systems, Shelter-Rite® frame and air-supported architectural structure fabric, XR-3 and XR-5 geomembrane systems, Shelter-Rite® truck tarp fabric XR® Mariner boat and recreation fabric and proprietary material for dock seals, doors and other applications.

The Bristol plant currently employs about 135 people fulltime in manufacturing. At the Wooster, Ohio, location, it employs about 150 in production, sales, product development and other administrative positions. About 25 more are involved in sales and product support functions in national and global locations.

Earlier this month, Seaman Corporation also announced plans to invest $7.5 million at the Ohio facility for new manufacturing equipment, building expansion and remodeling.

"To sustain and grow our business, and to meet our customers' growing needs, we are fully committed to make the necessary investments," said John Crum, Co-President of Seaman Corporation. "In terms of new product development, we currently are introducing innovative state-of-the-art top finish products for architectural and roofing applications that will help them to better repel dirt and stains, resist facing and retain their attractive, colorful appearance longer."

"New roofing membranes we're also developing," added Alex Williamson, Co-President, "will be especially attractive to people responsible for recommending and selecting products for high profile retail, institutional, governmental and even manufacturing facilities where an attractive appearance, excellent asset protection and sustainability are important."

"We are projecting continued growth in sales for our established products, as well as these new products," said Mr. Seaman. "So it is critical that both of our manufacturing locations have the ability to help us meet our production demands. As a result, not only are we pleased to see the completion of this $3 million project to build the new bulk material handling system, we also expect to spend another $1 million in each of the next four years on related productivity investments at the Bristol plant.

"Thankfully," Mr. Seaman continued, "the state and local governments in Tennessee share our vision for the future and support our efforts to sustain and grow the Bristol operation, creating good jobs that will positively impact the economy of the state."

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