Seaman Corporation Expands Operations to Maintain Product Continuity

Posted by Ammey Frank on May 16, 2019

Beaming 4Wooster, OH [May 2019]– Seaman Corporation has been the world leader in innovative, high performance coated fabrics since 1949. Combining a unique puncture-resistant fabric construction with a commitment to superior customer service and satisfaction, Seaman Corporation fabrics exhibit incomparable product performance. 

The base of all the fabrics, referred to as greige goods, are manufactured at our textile mill in Bristol, TN. This knitting and weaving operation requires yarn that is loaded onto large beams (or reels).  Up until 2017, the beaming process of transferring continuous yarns from several hundred small spools on to the large beams was done externally.  Following the announcement that the external beaming company would cease operation, Seaman Corporation recognized the need to bring the operation in-house and began leasing a building in Bristol, TN to house the beaming equipment.  The beaming operation was fully functional in October 2017, offering new job opportunities at this location. “With more than 184,000 sq. ft. additional building space, it allowed us to vertically integrate production processes and also consolidate Tennessee warehouses for more efficient product distribution,” said Raj Venkatarman, Vice-President of Operations. “In addition, it provides room for future growth opportunities.”

In November 2018, Seaman Corporation made a strategic decision to purchase the building. “This beaming operation allows Seaman Corporation to ultimately minimize risk to customers by having complete control of the process starting with beaming, to knitting and weaving, compounding, coating and fabrication,” said John Crum, President and CEO. “This provides value to our customers and allows us to maintain full product control and continuity of supply.”

Headquartered in Wooster, Ohio, with additional manufacturing in Bristol, Tennessee, Seaman Corporation is known worldwide for the production of high value, high-performance fabrics for architectural structures, roofing systems, military applications, geomembranes, truck tarps, precast concrete, inflatable boats and other products.

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