Shelter-Rite Architectural Fabrics Announces Launch of Clearspan Rental Tent Product

Posted by Ammey Frank on January 24, 2017

Shelter-Rite Tent logo.pngWOOSTER, Ohio [January 2017] - Seaman Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its new Shelter-Rite Tent™ product.

For over 50 years, Seaman Corporation fabrics have been engineered with a proprietary coating formula for superior UV and mildew resistance that provides excellent tensile, tear and seam strength.  After a successful soft launch of the product and positive feedback from industry experts, the Innovation Team is working with tent manufacturers and tent rental companies to promote the product.

Shelter-Rite Tent is 20 percent lighter than the industry standard, allowing for easier handling and cleanability. Lower weight also means the fabric is easier to install for rental companies, reducing physical labor required during installation. Seaman Corporation will offer fabricated custom panels, colors and widths to meet project and customer specifications.

Seaman Corporation prides itself on manufacturing, stocking and servicing all of its products and membranes here in the United States, ultimately reducing customer inventory levels and expediting lead-time. Customers are at the center of Seaman Corporation’s business model. That is why local technical support and fabrication services are available year round for customer convenience.

“Through state-of-the-art chemistry and processing techniques, the Shelter-Rite Tent fabric, manufactured by Seaman Corporation, offers customers a light-weight design, enhanced dirt-resistant surface and Made In USA quality,” said Stephen Bodnar, VP of Innovation and Business Development at Seaman Corporation.

Headquartered in Wooster, Ohio, with additional manufacturing in Bristol, Tennessee, Seaman Corporation is known worldwide for the production of high value, high-performance fabrics including Shelter-Rite Architectural Fabrics, as well as products for roofing systems, Military applications, geomembranes, truck tarps, inflatable boats and other products.

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