The Big Business of Truck Covers & Tarps

Posted by Ammey Frank on March 8, 2017

IFAI logo.jpgThe February 2017 issue of Specialty Fabrics Review magazine featured an article about increasing demands for truck covers and tarps that offer weather protection and driver convenience. “More Than Covered”, by Maura Keller takes a closer look at the manufacturers and specialty fabric suppliers in this growing industry. The article highlights products from several manufacturers.

Seaman Corporation is among the end product manufacturers featured in the article. Sue Uhler, Industrial Fabrics Technical Marketing Manager, explains the superior durability and water repellency of the Seaman Corporation coated fabric and the importance of determining the best material for the application. Uhler also expounds on how the aging workforce of the trucking industry has supported the development of Shelter-Rite Lite, by Seaman Corporation, and how this material is ideal for tarping loads by hand. Shelter-Rite Lite also performs well in low-temperature applications where flexibility and ease of handling is important.

The complete article is available on the IFAI Specialty Fabrics Review website. Membership is required to access.

Topics: Truck Tarp Fabric News