Managing Partner, Robert Alan Walton LLC (TX)

Mr. Robert Walton joined the Seaman Corporation Board in 2004, and serves as Chairman of the Leadership and Compensation Committee. He is also a member of the Executive Committee.

Mr. Walton received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and spent a decade teaching at the ‘iSchool’, the Graduate School for Information at the University of Texas at Austin.

Mr. Walton is currently the Managing Partner of Robert Alan Walton LLC, a boutique Texas-based consulting firm that acts as the Chief of Staff for an ultra-high net worth family office in Florida.

In 1990, Mr. Walton became President and CEO of CLSI, Inc., a higher education software firm in Boston, MA. In 1992, Mr. Walton sold CLSI to GEAC Corporation and moved to California where he took over as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Innovative Interfaces, Inc., an international library & information management software firm, expanding its base of operations to 33 countries during the ‘90s.

Robert Walton

Robert Walton

In 1998, Mr. Walton sold his ownership share of Innovative and shifted careers moving to Ohio where he took the position of Vice President for Finance and Business at The College of Wooster. After 8 years as CFO at Wooster, he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Claremont University Consortium (CA). Mr. Walton served as Vice President of Finance and Administration at Vassar College (NY), and concluded his higher education career by serving for 4 years as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of College Stores (NACS) located in Ohio, ending in 2019.

In addition to the Seaman Corporation Board, Walton currently serves on the boards of RedShelf (Chicago), a private educational software company, Collier Enterprises (FL), a real estate and agriculture company, and as the Managing Director of the Rendero Trust (WY). Mr. Walton previously served as Chairman of iPost Corporation, an internet-focused technology company based in San Francisco, CA, Chairman of Ex Libris (USA), an Israel technology company, and on the boards of Dynix Corporation, an international management information firm in Provo, Utah. Mr. Walton also served as an endowment trustee for the American Library Association, on the board and executive committee of the Association of Consortium Leadership, and the only non-Chinese citizen board member of the Yaohau Experimental School, a private K-12 boarding school located in Shenzhen, RPC.

Mr. Walton resides in East Texas and New Orleans, LA.