Military Tents

Seaman Corporation coated military tent fabrics are designed to withstand extreme conditions in the theater. Seaman military fabrics are made with a saturated adhesive system on the base cloth that molecular bonds with the exterior coating system providing a monolithic system. This provides a coated fabric that is resistance to flex fatigue, cold cracking, and folding while ensuring high load bearing seams in comparison to a laminated tent fabric.

  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Long-term flexibility
  • Superior seam strength
  • Blackout, infrared, fungus
  • Available in Federal Standard 595 and custom colors
  • Product customization
  • Technical and product support

    Military Specifications

    MIL PRF 44103 MIL DTL 64159
    USIFI PRF 44103 MILC 46168D (ME)
    MIL PRF 32504 MIL DTL 53039B
    CN PD 01-03 CN PD 06-10

    CCR registered, CAGE CODE: 34918


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