Seaman Corporation Sends Fabric To Haiti To Be Used For Shelter

Posted by Seaman Corporation on April 22, 2010

WOOSTER, Ohio, –In the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated thousands of lives in Haiti in January, an unprecedented outpouring of caring and support from around the world has kick-started the process of recovery. Seaman Corporation is proud to be a part of the global assistance effort.

Even months after the earthquake, food, water and medical attention continue to be dispersed to those in need of care. However, in addition to the grief and illness that many Haitians are facing, many have been left without homes – some with multiple family members left to weather the hot days, cold nights and frequent rainstorms common to the Caribbean region.

To help those Haitians without shelter, Seaman Corporation, manufacturer of top-quality coated fabrics such as FiberTite® Roofing Systems, Shelter-Rite®, XR-5® Geomembranes and XR-Mariner®, has sent over 450,000 square feet of coated fabric to Haiti to be used for tents.

"Even months after the earthquake, there are still thousands of people without adequate shelter," said Richard Seaman, President and CEO of Seaman Corporation. "Our fabrics are the perfect solution for temporary shelter and we are happy that we can help some families receive some comfort after the tragedy."

Working in cooperation with the non-profit group, Friend Ships, based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the rolls of Seaman fabric began to arrive shortly after the earthquake hit the island. Classes were held to teach Haitians and volunteers techniques to use the fabric to build a simple shelter. In addition to temporary shelter, the fabric can be used for hospital tents, tarpaulins and clean-up efforts.

"I've heard that for many Haitians, these shelters are far better than the living conditions before the earthquake." Seaman continued. "We are proud to work with Friend Ships and offer something that can so quickly influence the recovery and lives throughout Haiti."

Seaman Corporation has worked with Friend Ships for over 10 years, helping to provide aid to countries across the world struck by natural disasters. Friend Ships quickly responds using four ships — "Spirit," "Spirit of Grace," "Hope" and "Mersea" — and a Bell Jet helicopter, the organization distributes food, water and other life-saving products to those in need. To learn more about Friend Ships and what you can do to help the people of Haiti, visit

For over 60 years, Seaman Corporation, which is based in Wooster, Ohio, has paved the way for coated fabric technology. Starting with unique woven base fabrics and proprietary, state-of-the-art coating formulas, the membranes are used across the world in roofing applications, wastewater management, geomembranes, truck tarps, military-grade fuel and water storage and inflatable boats.

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