Posted by Seaman Corporation on May 22, 2008

BOSTON, MA –A huge clear span structure fabricated with Shelter-Rite® fabric by Seaman Corporation of Wooster, OH, provides a highly cost-efficient way to meet the need for a building to maintain some of United Airlines' largest jet airplanes.

Manufactured by Rubb Building Systems, Inc., the supported structure was designed by Whitney Atwood Norcross and is one of the largest frame-supported fabric structures in the world, encompassing some 69,000 square feet. Used to maintain Boeing 777 jetliners, the building measures 255 feet by 270 feet with sidewalls thirty feet high that are insulated for energy conservation.

The structure is the first of several planned at Logan International Airport. Because of their unique construction, each can be relocated to facilitate airport growth.

Located near the airport entrance, the United facility is attracting considerable attention because of its size and the massive graphic on one side showing a mockup skeleton of an airliner. Mega Media Concepts, Ltd. applied the 14,000-square-foot rendering of a jetliner after the structure was erected.

Shelter-Rite fabric Style 8028 was selected for the project because of its proven ability to withstand the stresses of the tremendous structural spans. The fabric can also withstand Boston's severe winters and resist the punishing effects of jet fuel residue.

The translucent fabric creates a bright, airy environment, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Because the fabric was specified with a Tedlar® top finish, its self-cleaning properties help maintain the building's attractive appearance.

Rubb Building Systems was not a newcomer to the challenge of fabricating huge airport structures with Shelter-Rite fabric. They had previously created a 70,000-square-foot cargo storage building for United at Honolulu International Airport. This structure was built to withstand wind gusts of over 100 mph and long-term exposure to intense UV rays.

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