Seaman Corporation Ceremonies Mark Completion of $50 Million Capital Investment

Posted by Seaman Corporation on August 21, 2014

WOOSTER, Ohio, August 21, 2014 – Key government and business leaders were among the 240 who attended Seaman Corporation dedication ceremonies marking the completion of a 10-year, $50 million capital improvement program, capped with a $15 million investment over the past three years.

Held Aug. 18 at the company’s headquarters in Wooster, Ohio, the ceremonies followed the recent completion of the company’s most recent capital expenditure segment – a dramatic reconstruction of the corporate offices, a state-of-the-art top finish print line to enhance and expand production capabilities, and implementation of a new Oracle business intelligence platform.

“These enhancements will allow us to leverage our capabilities and focus on our greater commitment to innovation and technology,” said Richard Seaman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Seaman Corporation. He added that in the past 10 years, Seaman Corporation’s business has doubled – largely as a result of expanded capabilities through capital investments designed to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The company has been an innovator in the development of high-performance industrial fabrics for over 65 years. Sold globally in many markets, the company’s products include Shelter-Rite® architectural and truck tarp fabrics; XR® Technology geomembrane systems; and specialized fabrics designed for military structures and fuel tanks, dock seals, marine applications and roofing membrane systems.

Seaman noted that support in many forms at the local and state levels was critically important as the capital plan, designed to support the company’s plans for organic growth, became a reality.

“While a financial incentive package is important in any business expansion decision, it is far more important to know that the state and local community appreciate the importance of a viable economic environment that is so vital to business success,” he said.

The expansion project is expected to expand the current staffing to 150 associates. The 12 additions related to this project will be mostly in the companyrsquo;s Innovation and Technology area, and in sales.

The job growth, in particular, was lauded in remarks by Wooster Mayor Bob Brenneman. The economic impact of the Seaman investment was also praised by Wayne County Chamber of Commerce President Justin Starlin, Wayne Economic Development Council President Rod Crider, Ohio Auditor Dave Yost, State Rep. Ron Amstutz and State Sen. Frank LaRose.

“It’s a special pleasure to have so many members of the Wooster community join the Seaman associates in celebrating the completion of our 3-year, $15 million capital investment program,” said Seaman.

He detailed the process of securing backing from the community and competitive state financial incentives for the expansion, expressing gratitude for the assistance of Brenneman, Starlin and Crider and displaying a proclamation from Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

John Crum, President and Chief Operating Officer of Seaman Corporation, noted that the future of the company has been greatly enhanced by the overall project. “We’’re really excited with the significant capabilities we’ve added to our company over the last couple years,” he said. Crum also thanked individuals and companies that provided services, including the equipment manufacturer, software developer and implementer, architects, general contractors and landscape architects.

The new state-of-the-art top finish line enables Seaman Corporation to use new coating formulations that allow for imprinting its high-quality fabrics and producing wider widths. “Our current requirements will only utilize 10 to 15 percent of our new capacity, but this equipment offers unique research and development opportunities for our innovation, technology and new business development efforts,” said Seaman.

The Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform delivers an integrated suite of business applications including finance, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain. It provides a seamless, optimized process for sales reporting, shipping, productivity and travel. “The business intelligence platform has streamlined the operating efficiency of the company,” said Seaman, “allowing for improved customer service and optimum production capability.”

The ceremony and speeches took place inside the fabrication department of the plant. Guests then were given tours through the new offices, where they first viewed a new mural illustrating the history of the Seaman Corporation, from its humble beginnings in 1949 to the present day. Another exhibit honored the company’s founder, the late Norm Seaman, who was Richard’s father.

The pristine, modern office space was designed and built to encourage and support teamwork and collaboration between employees of the technology and business development departments, said Seaman. He noted that the “cube farms” have been replaced with a broad, open floor plan, skylights, plenty of windows and a central gathering area with a stairway to the roof, where associates and visitors can see FiberTite roofing and Shelter-Rite architectural fabric applications.

Shelter-Rite tensioned architectural fabric is featured prominently in the exterior design. The front entrance showcases a unique architectural feature constructed of tubular steel frame and Shelter-Rite canopies. Overall, the structure is designed to capture rainwater and deposit it into a fountain below. A new courtyard at the rear of the building, designed for outdoor gatherings, also features Shelter-Rite canopy systems.

Earlier, the 10-year program included significant expenditures at Seaman Corporation’s weaving and coating manufacturing facility in Bristol, Tennessee. At the heart of the company’s vertical approach to high performance industrial fabric technology and development are a series of proprietary weaves and coating formulas.

The result is a collection of products that are distinguished by their attractive appearance, exceptional strength and long service lives – customer benefits that have been hallmarks of the company for more than 60 years.

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