Dock Seal Fabric

High Performance Coated Fabric

Dock seal image.jpgFor over 35 years, Seaman Corporation has been manufacturing fabric for dock seals for a variety of performance environments.  Designed to withstand the rigors and abuse of daily usage, our original dock seal fabric has been proven to resist puncture, tears and abrasion. Shelter-Rite 22 ounce dock fabric is an economical solution for applications that endure less wear and tear.  Shelter-Rite 40 ounce dock fabric is a superior product for high traffic docks. 

Customized products and fire retardant fabrics are also available.

Product Features


  • Proven performance
  • Speciality coated fabric
  • Superior resistance to environmental conditions
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Product customization available
  • Made and stocked in USA