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Seaman Corp. Completes $3 Million Investment At Bristol

Posted by Kim Seaman on November 17, 2011

WOOSTER, Ohio–At a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by state and local government officials, as well as top officers the company, Seaman Corporation marked the completion of a $3 million capital investment project at the company's manufacturing facility in Bristol, Tennessee.

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Seaman Corporation Announces $7.5 Million Capital Plan In Ohio

Posted by Michelle Miller on November 1, 2011

WOOSTER, Ohio –Crediting support from the State of Ohio and the City of Wooster, Seaman Corporation has announced plans for a $7.5 million capital investment program, which ultimately is expected to protect current employment levels and add more jobs in the near future.

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A Visit To Wooster Nagar

Posted by Richard Seaman on January 8, 2011

WOOSTER, Ohio –When a major disaster occurs, in our own country or elsewhere in the world, we Americans want to immediately reach out and make a difference in the lives of those affected. Some respond by traveling to the disaster site. Most, however, look for the opportunities to send dollars. Our choices are few – the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, our church's mission outreach. And while sending our check helps to fulfill our sense of responsibility, we have no way of actually knowing the direct impact our dollars have on the lives of those affected by the tragedy.

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Seaman Corporation Sends Fabric To Haiti To Be Used For Shelter

Posted by Michelle Miller on April 22, 2010

WOOSTER, Ohio, –In the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated thousands of lives in Haiti in January, an unprecedented outpouring of caring and support from around the world has kick-started the process of recovery. Seaman Corporation is proud to be a part of the global assistance effort.

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Yankees' Parking Garage Goes Green with FiberTite Roofing Membrane

Posted by Kim Seaman on September 27, 2009

WOOSTER, Ohio - The roof protecting the parking garage at the New York Yankees' stadium must serve two functions: protecting the garage beneath it and supporting the parkland above it. A 45-mil FiberTite KEE single ply roofing system by Seaman Corporation serves as the first line of defense.

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Mexican Refinery Lines Impoundment With Geomembrane

Posted by Michelle Miller on August 1, 2009

The technical and cost effective success of geomembrane containment relative to traditional lining methods (clay, concrete, etc.) is well documented worldwide. Industrial and Petrochemical applications have been many of the first and longest examples of these successes. These geomembrane uses lead PEMEX (Petroleos de Mexico) to choose a geomembrane to line a process wastewater impoundment at their Salamanca Refinery. Salamanca is located about 200 KM northwest of Mexico City. The Salamanca facility is the largest refinery in the PEMEX system, and the 11th largest crude oil refinery in the world. Finished products include various fuels, oils, and crude oil derivatives.

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Posted by Kim Seaman on May 22, 2008

WOOSTER, Ohio, – Seaman Corporation has donated 13 truckloads of fabric worth over $250,000 to disaster relief efforts in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the Gulf Coast area. The donation was made through Friend Ships Unlimited, a global disaster relief organization that deploys large-scale humanitarian aid throughout the world, deploying vessels from its Lake Charles, Louisiana home base - an area also hard hit by the recent hurricanes.

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Seaman Corporation's IFAI Expo Booth Activity Benefits Cancer Charity

Posted by Kim Seaman on May 22, 2008

WOOSTER, Ohio – The Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute received a contribution from Seaman Corporation as a result of the company’s booth activity during the recent IFAI Expo in Las Vegas.

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Posted by Michelle Miller on May 22, 2008

WOOSTER, Ohio – Seaman Corporation, widely considered to be among the corporate leaders in Wayne County economic development, also finds it wise to keep a vigilant eye on the business climate a half a world away.

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Richard Seaman Interviewed at Evolution of Manufacturing Event

Posted by Richard Seaman on May 22, 2008

WOOSTER, Ohio – Richard Seaman, president and CEO of Seaman Corp., sat down to talk with Smart Business Associate Editor Brooke Bates at the February 18th Evolution of Manufacturing event at Hyland Software. Seaman Corp. was one of several companies honored for its ability to balance a changing business landscape.


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